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The day after Thanksgiving "black Friday" is the starting point for the United States of America traditional year-end shopping season, merchants have launched a variety of "super discount" at this time, to attract people to come to the consumer. According to the United States of America Retail Federation survey report released in November 25th, this Thanksgiving holiday four days, the United States of America into the store and online shopping online shopping consumers up to 247000000 passengers, retail sales is expected to reach $59100000000, both record high.

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Some people call this the "2012" before the crazy, some because of the economic downturn and save money on food and expenses one year Americans feel, promotional season is the best time to "replenishment".

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Personal consumption expenditure as a percentage of the total 70% of the American economy, consumer confidence and spending largely determines the American economic growth prospects. As one of the important pillar of American economy, American retail industry has created 1/4 jobs, each year for the contribution to GDP $2.5.

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The United States consumer confidence rebounds, give this year consumption season prospects support. The latest data shows, the United States University of Michigan consumer confidence index in November was 82.7, a record since the 2008 financial crisis highs. In addition, the United States of America survey credit Federation and the national consumer coalition, as the housing and employment market rebound, coupled with the reduction in household debt, 12% of consumers said the Christmas holidays to buy more things on Thanksgiving Day, the highest level for 2007.

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However, the United States of America Retail Federation warned, the recent survey, 2/3 of respondents said the "fiscal cliff" and other economic concerns will affect their holiday spending. The Union called on lawmakers to take measures as soon as possible, to solve the "fiscal cliff".

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According to the survey, the United States Retailers Association, spending an average of each shoppers this year of $423, $398 higher than last year. Clothing and electronic products is still the main shopping area: 57.7% of consumers to buy clothing and jewelry; 37.7% of consumers buy Electronics and computer related products. The survey also showed, during Thanksgiving, Americans are shopping online shopping spending accounted for 40.7%, higher than last year's 37.8%, the per capita consumption of $172.42 online. 1/4 and half more than consumers in Thanksgiving Day and the "black Friday" for online shopping.

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Fire consumes the market also affects capital market trend. In the 11 month of the election results were announced, "fiscal cliff" concerns have weight stocks, the retail sector also fell, but last week the plate rally. The S & P 500 index of retail industry in the first four trading days last week, up 4.5%; last Friday, 25 manufacturing / retail company stocks all rose.

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Stocks, the best Online Travel Corporation Expedia shares, up 106.82% this year; followed by the clothing retailer Gap, rose 89%; in the third row is home improvement retailer, rose 52.45%.

In addition, SPDR S & P Retail Exchange Traded Fund (XRT) is up 21% this year; another Retail Exchange Traded Fund (RTH) is up 17.2% this year, the fund Chong Canggu including WAL-MART, home depot, amazon.